Baby Wearing

Welcome to the world of babywearing! We hope you enjoy our wonderful selection of baby carriers. We have lots to choose from, including a variety of soft structured carriers, wraps, and ring slings. Please feel free to contact us if you need help deciding what carrier might work best for you and your baby.

Why Wear Your Baby? Babies who are carried or worn:
Cry Less! (43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours)1
Are Healthier! (gain weight faster, have better motor skills, coordination, increased muscle tone, and sense of balance)2
Get a better view of the world! (babies pushed in strollers or lugged around in car seats only get to see the adult world at knee-level)
Become Independent Faster! (making them more confident and less clingy)3
Sleep Better! (they fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time)
Learn More! (not overstimulated, but calm and alert, observing the world around them)
And are just plain Happier!4

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